YouTube is a popular video service that people use. People primarily watch music videos on YouTube, though you can also find movie trailers, DIY videos and more. You can watch videos on YouTube for free, which makes it a great service. However, there is more to YouTube than just music.

YouTube Red

When you watch videos on YouTube, you will notice there are always ads to watch. YouTube is able to provide you their service for free by forcing ads upon their viewers. Some people would rather skip the ads altogether, which is why you can enjoy services like YouTube Red. YouTube Red removes ads from your music experience, allowing you to stream uninterrupted music and even save them to an offline library.

Movies and Streaming

As previously mentioned, there is more to YouTube than just music videos. You will also find a collection of hit movies and TV shows available on YouTube. In fact, YouTube live streaming allows you to catch your favorite movies, but it is not a free service. You must pay for live streaming of certain content. There is some live content you can watch for free, too.

For instance, YouTube CNN live streaming is available for free. You can stay in the loop with live updates from CNN simply by logging into your YouTube account. You can also enjoy certain events live without paying. For example, YouTube Olympics live is available to you for free. You can sort through to find out what is free and what costs a fee.

For instance, if you look for TV shows live streaming on YouTube, you will find some for free and others for a price. Kid-friendly shows like Talking Tom and Friends or Peppa Pig are often available for free. Fox News is also available for free live stream. If, however, you would prefer to watch movies, that is something that requires payment.

Benefits of Free Entertainment

YouTube is perhaps one of the most popular video services because it is free of charge. Although you can opt to pay fees for certain high-value content, there is plenty of available for free. Of course, that means putting up with advertisements, which is not a huge deal breaker in exchange for free content.

Keep in mind that you will sometimes find movies and TV shows for free on YouTube, but many of those are often pulled down because of copyright violations. In some cases, someone will manage to sneak a movie or show onto their YouTube channel, but it is not a recommended that you upload content that you do not own the rights to.

Sometimes you will notice that a live stream of a TV show is unavailable. When that happens, it is often because the person streaming the content live does not have the right to do so. For instance, popular shows like Rick and Morty will often show up under live viewing content. YouTube is quick to catch the offender and remove the free content as it is in violation of the company’s terms and regulations.

Paid Content

If you wish to watch certain popular content, you must be willing to pay for it. Rick and Morty, for example, is one such show that you can pay to watch. If you attempt to pull up the live stream, you will find that most videos are unavailable, but the option to buy episodes or even the full season is available.

In fact, nearly any show you can think of is available on YouTube for a fee, such as The Walking Dead from AMC, or The Flash. If you would rather stick to using YouTube for music, movie trailers, DIY videos, and other simple forms of entertainment, you can do so for free, or you can pay to remove the ad content.

For a monthly fee, you receive the benefit of uninterrupted music and offline video access. Like many other streaming services, YouTube now also offers original shows. YouTube creators now produce movies and series content for you to watch, included as part of your YouTube Red subscription.

Some popular creations by YouTube include Ghostmates, The Thinning, and Single By 30. From comedies to documentaries, you will find plenty of entertainment when you sign up for YouTube Red. There is a reason that thousands of people use YouTube on a daily basis, and it goes beyond the entertainment of free music with ads.

Benefits of Live Streaming

Live streaming offers certain benefits that you can enjoy. Unlike other streaming services that do not offer live streaming, you can watch important events unfold as they happen. With other streaming services, you might have to wait to catch up on information after all is said and done. If you are a fan of certain events, like the news and the Olympics, you might want to stay up-to-date rather than falling behind.

Although a simple search may produce results for several live video options of news and events, YouTube lets you keep track of different videos from one location. You do not have to search around and open up different websites. From one website you can search, choose, and watch the video you want to see. Live streaming ensures that you stay informed, which is a big deal for many.

YouTube offers different live streaming channels ranging from news to sports. Although you are unlikely to find any free live content available for top sporting events, there are other live sports you can enjoy. For instance, you are often able to view live sporting events from college games or even some wrestling events.

There are also live channels available for education purposes of for news updates other than what CNN provides. It is worth checking out the YouTube Live Stream section to find out what it is you can watch for free to keep yourself in the now.

Personal Live Videos

YouTube makes is possible for people like you to post live videos, too. If you create a channel and gain followers, live streaming can become a big deal and well worth it. You can live stream nearly anything you want to aside from sexually explicit content and violent content deemed in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service agreement.

If you plan to create your own personal live videos, make sure you understand the Terms of Service, first. Violations may cause the shutdown of your YouTube channel or you may find yourself banned from YouTube. Personal live videos allow you to perhaps post videos of original music you created and covers of songs.

Of course, you can also make live videos that have nothing to do with music, such as live DIY videos, advice videos, and more. The live content you choose to share is up to you, but it is beneficial to realize that YouTube is certainly more than just music. In fact, music may not even be the biggest draw anymore.

Paid or Free

Now that you understand the paid and free portions of YouTube, what services you can access live, and how, you should decide if it is worth paying for YouTube content. Paying for YouTube content will depend on how you use YouTube, how often, and what you use it for primarily. Do you prefer to use YouTube to look for live content and available movies or TV shows?

If so, you will want to pay the fee to watch movies and TV shows on YouTube. Attempting to dig up free content that is not supposed to be free is not worth it. Instead, you will find the content you want faster and more efficiently if you pay to access it. If you watch a lot of music videos, YouTube Red is a worthwhile subscription option.

Otherwise, the free version of YouTube is just as worthwhile, though it might come with a short ad at the beginning of each video you watch. Typically, the ads are not more than a half minute long. To keep their service free, YouTube partners with different companies and offers to show their ads to viewers.


Overall, YouTube is a great service used by many whether you opt to use it for free or you pay for different services and content. You have the option of subscribing to some of your favorite channels and YouTubers so you never miss a beat. Each time a new video uploads, you will receive a notification letting you know.

You can even subscribe to live video content, which allows you to stay up-to-date on important news information and events. Subscribing is easy and you can unsubscribe anytime you wish. Using settings, you can control your notifications. If you do not wish to receive notifications about new videos, you can opt out of them.

The user-friendly interface, easy search options, and availability of free content videos is just part of what makes YouTube so well-loved by many. Perhaps that is why millions of people login and watch YouTube videos almost daily.

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