For those who love variety in their TV lineup, there’s no shortage of great providers to choose from. Finding the right provider can help a person get more for their money, and ensure they have the best selection of channels for their own personal viewing preferences.

Among the many options out there is DISH, one of the top options for years now. The reason DISH has remained such a popular option among TV lovers is because of their versatility and flexibility. But this goes beyond just the channels they offer.

The DISH Anywhere app represents the provider’s recognition that the way people watch TV is changing. The mobile and digital ages have coincided to make viewing TV shows a much different experience in some cases. While there are still plenty of people who love to watch TV at home on the couch, that isn’t the only option anymore.

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at the app. What does it offer? What are the features? And how exactly can the app help improve the viewing experience of its user?

An Intro to the App: What Does DISH Anywhere Offer?

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Selling people TV channels can be a hard task in 2018. This is because the digital and mobile ages have given us so much content, but, beyond that so many ways to watch it.

Anyone who has ever worked as a DISH customer service associate can attest to the fact that selling TV packages is tough. People want the absolute best deal for the lowest amount of money. That’s fair, but there’s also an added layer of complexity in 2018 that wasn’t there before. There are those who want a lot of channels, but they also want to be able to watch them anywhere.

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Imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a TV package – but only being able to access those channels for a small amount of the day. This is the reality for people who only watch TV at home. If they have work or other obligations to adhere to, they may be left with a few hours at most to watch TV when the day is done.

How can that be a good deal? It can’t – unless they can watch their TV channels on the go. Enter the DISH Anywhere app. You can use it to search your lineup, and to watch it on the go! That makes it much more alluring to have a good channel selection.

Now we’ll go over the specific features you can expect. You know you can watch your TV channels on the go via your mobile device or tablet – but what else does the app provide in the way of conveniences?

Examining the Features of the DISH Anywhere App

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When we’re talking about apps, there’s always the question of features. Most any app you’ll find is promoted in the store along with a list of handy features, and this one is no different. Let’s take a lot at the specifics and see what DISH offers with their mobile TV app.

Live TV Streaming

Recorded TV Playback

Find Your Favorite Shows

Easy DVR Library Management

What About Compatibility Issues? Are They a Factor?

Going back to a day in the life of a DISH support rep, and it is undeniable that DISH technology has its problems. This isn’t a knock on the company, either – we’re talking about various parties coming together across very sensitive hardware to produce a result that customers expect to be crisp and on point.

The bottom line? Problems will happen – with any type of streaming or recording technology. And the DISH Anywhere app, despite its great reviews and numerous helpful features, is no exception to this rule. Troubleshooting compatibility problems usually requires a user to go through several steps to diagnose what is actually causing their trouble.

The first and most obvious step is making sure the app is installed and updated properly. It’s also important to make sure the Android or Apple OS itself is up to date, as issues could arise from the system lacking critical files necessary to stream content from apps like this one.

The next step is to make sure your DISH service is set up properly. Remember – if you can’t access your channels or features from your home TV because of service issues, you won’t be able to access them from the app, either.

Any other problems could be the result of service issues or the occasional tech glitch that happens when you get multiple different technologies working together to bring you content. A call to your local DISH representative can sometimes yield the right answer – but remember, please be kind.

What Accessories Does this App Require?

If you’ve ever dealt with cable systems, you know that there’s always a box, cord, or other piece of hardware you may be in need of. Perfecting your setup is key for getting the best viewing experience, so the question here is what hardware do you need with the app?

The good news is this – even without any special hardware, you can still watch on-demand content through your app as long as you are a current DISH subscriber. Pay for the channels you want, and access them via your regular TV or your mobile device via the app.

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But for features like DVR, you’ll need the Hopper 3, Hopper with Sling, or VIP receiver setup. If you’re a frequent traveler and you look for hotels with compatible setup boxes for your viewing pleasure, look for the Dish Evolve.

The DISH app isn’t too complex in terms of the setup it requires for use. With nothing much more than the equipment you need to record and broadcast shows at home, you can do the same via the handy app, thus turning your viewing experience into a transportable convenience.

How Does Dish’s App Compare to the Competition?

No matter what TV provider you go through, chances are they offer some type of app to let you watch your favorite shows on the go.

From LiveTV to Crackle to FOX Now, both network-centric and non-network-centric mobile apps exist for TV viewers. You can choose which best fits your needs by the provider you have – in most cases, if you have DISH, it is best to try out their own app first.

Not only does it give you a chance to learn how mobile apps for TVs work if it is your first time using one, but you’ll have access to support services and all the channels you’re used to.

TV has changed a lot over the years, and it goes far beyond moving to flat screens and higher definition resolutions. With tools like the DISH Anywhere app, taking your TV along in your pocket is now a real possibility.

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