Plopping down on the couch or kicking back in a recliner to watch movies and TV shows is a great way to relax after a long hard day. Many families also still gather in the living room to watch movies together, especially considering how expensive it is to go to the movie theaters. You can feel comfortable and save money by choosing to watch movies at home.

It used to be that the most popular way to watch movies and TV shows was using a cable TV provider. NBC News reports that the average customer pays an average of $99 per month for cable TV services. As if that isn’t expensive enough, many of the most popular cable TV providers raise their prices annually, forcing customers to pay more for entertainment.

Perhaps that is why the Pew Research Center reports that 61% of young American adults now opt for streaming video services in favor of cable TV. There are many reasons why so many people are making the switch to video streaming services. Perhaps understanding those reasons and what service options are available will help you decide what to do.

Reasons to Switch

Many Americans struggle financially. In fact, it is common for the average American family to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Finding ways to save money is a must for many. Fortunately, cutting the cord on your cable TV is one way to save money. Of course, you still deserve a source of entertainment. Fortunately, some services provide you streaming video for a fraction of the cost you spend on cable TV.

Of course, saving money is not the only reason to switch. Have you ever found yourself channel surfing in an attempt to find something to watch? Maybe you want to watch a movie, but there is nothing on that interests you. Despite having one hundred, or even two hundred cable TV channels, there is nothing that appeals to you.

With a streaming video service, you can control what you watch. Many streaming services allow you to scroll through a library of available movies and TV shows so you can choose what you watch. You do not have to wait for your favorite TV show or movie to play as you do with cable TV. Instead, you can find it in the library and enjoy it whenever you wish.

How about when you watch a TV show only to deal with interruptions from commercials? Many video streaming services do not overload you with ads. Instead, they keep commercials to a minimum, or perhaps they only stream movie trailers to capture your attention. Say goodbye to annoying advertisements and enjoy limited to no interruptions with video streaming.

Options Available

There are plenty of Streaming Video options available. If you prefer an experience similar to cable TV, you might prefer live video streaming services. Live video streaming services provide you the most popular channels commonly provided by a cable provider. The service then streams the movies, and TV shows live.

Keep in mind that some live streaming services do not allow you to pick the show or movie you watch. You can select the channel, but you must watch what is currently playing on that channel, just like with cable TV services. Fortunately, the live streaming service, while similar, is a cheaper option.

If you would prefer to select your own movie or TV show, there are other options better suited to you. For instance, you might try a download streaming video service or even Amazon streaming video. Amazon has an array of movies and TV shows you can watch. You can even save your place and come back to watch your video later.

Amazon may also offer you the option of buying movies, episodes from your favorite TV shows, or even entire TV show seasons. If you decide to purchase movies and TV shows, you will have the option to download them to a library or even to your computer. Once you download the movie or show, you can watch it at any point in time.

Some streaming services will allow you to watch newly released movies and TV shows. Others may only allow you to watch shows and movies that are a little older. Finding the streaming service that is right for you depends on what you want. It is helpful to determine what you want from a streaming service before subscribing to one.

Your Preferences

Take the time to think about your preferences before choosing a streaming service. There are a few questions you should ask yourself. For instance, do you prefer TV shows, movies, or both? Do commercials and advertisements bother you? Could you deal with advertisements if it meant paying less?

You should also decide how many devices you plan to use with your streaming video service, or how many members of your household will use the service. Some services limit how many devices you can watch videos on at once. For instance, some services may specify that you can only watch movies or shows on two devices at once.

When searching for a video streaming service, make sure you choose one that offers features you most want and need. Some services will offer a standard and a premium package. You may have to deal with commercials and ads if you choose the standard package. The premium package may cost more, but in most cases, it removes the advertisements.

If you are not a fan of interruptions, you might want to opt-in for the premium package of the services offers one. If you plan on using the service at the same time as a roommate or perhaps your children, choose a service that allows streaming on multiple devices at the same time. If you prefer to watch shows as they release, find a service that allows you to watch newly released shows and movies.

With so many streaming services available, you are sure to find something that suits your preferences. No matter the service you choose, you will likely find that it does not cost as much as your cable TV services. Streaming services focus on lower costs so they can undercut the cost of your local cable companies.

How to Make the Switch

Making the switch to a streaming video service is easy. Many services offer a free trial, which allows you to try the service before you decide to subscribe. If you find you are unhappy with the service, make sure you cancel your free trial before the subscription starts. If you find that you like the service, your trial will convert to the subscription service automatically.

You should try out a few different streaming services so you can get an idea of what they offer. Signing up for the service is not hard. Make sure you have a suitable device that allows streaming. Most services provide streaming to multiple devices, such as your PC, smartphone, or tablet. There are also streaming services that you can use on your game systems, such as your Xbox or PS4.

You can sign up for streaming services online. Make sure you have a valid email address and a credit or debit card that you can use to sign up. Most companies require you to enter your credit or debit card information to start the free trial. You will not see any charges until after the free trial ends unless you cancel beforehand.

Free trials usually last anywhere between seven days and a full month. The length of your free trial will vary depending on which streaming service you choose. Each streaming service typically provides customer support. If you have questions about the service or how to make the switch, you should contact customer support for assistance.


Overall, making the switch from cable TV to a streaming video service is a smart choice for people of all ages. You will find a wide variety of TV shows and movies available that you can enjoy. Many services have movies and shows available for audiences both young and old. Accommodating a broad audience base is in part what makes streaming services so popular.

The fact that you can save money by switching to a streaming service is a nice bonus. For less money each month, you can gain better control over what you watch and when. If you miss a movie on cable TV, you have to wait until the next time the movie plays. With a streaming service, you can watch the movie of your choice whenever you please as long as it is available in the library.

Some streaming services will also allow you to build your own list of movies and TV shows. For instance, if you find a few shows or movies that interest you in the library, you can save them in a “watch later” list. Rather than having to browse through the library, you can search through your list and find what it is you want to watch. In other words, streaming seems easier, more affordable, and user-friendly.

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