Digital media has evolved over the last few years. Almost every smartphone app, social website and connected device have the ability to use, store or upload high definition videos. Using professional services for editing, hosting, uploading and storing are all a thing of the past.

In this article, we will show you how you can upload video to various services, media outlets and others. We will show you how to use a computer for an HD upload or even just your cell phone. Continue on to the entire article below to learn how HD and digital media can be uploaded quickly and easily.

Taking HD Video

Before you can upload HD video, you have to have HD video. There are several methods of obtaining the video, but what exactly is high definition? High definition, or HD, is any video with a resolution of 720p or higher. This will include 720p, 1080p and the ultra-high definition resolutions in 4K.

Capturing, or recording HD video is done with virtually every device capable of recording video. From webcams and digital cameras to your cell phone or tablet. Recording can be as simple as turning the device on and hitting record. Although a lot of companies have mobile apps and websites to entice you to take it even further.

With the aid of different programs, you can take your HD video and enhance it to include photos, text, slides or even merging multiple videos together. While none of this is necessary, it can make your HD videos even better which will aid in the number of views you receive after uploading.

Uploading Versus Streaming

Once you have your HD video recorded, you have two main options for getting it to viewers. You can upload or stream. If your video is prerecorded, you can upload it to watch over and over again. If you are recording live video, you can upload the live feed, or stream, for others to watch live as you record.

When streaming you will link your camera to the internet either directly, as in the case with a cell phone, or through a computer with a cable. Once the live stream starts, people can log in to your website, Facebook page or other viewing service and watch as you record. In most cases, they will be able to leave text comments as the video plays.

Once the video is done recording and you shut off the live stream the HD video upload will be left behind for viewers to watch at a later date or time.

If you pre-record your video, you can then use the phone to upload, or you can transfer the video to a computer and upload from there. Uploading can be done through several video sites and services such as YouTube, Vimeo or even social media like Facebook, Twitter or Vine.

How To Upload HD Videos on Facebook

Uploading videos to Facebook have gone through a few changes over the last several updates. If you use Facebook on your phone, you should ensure you have the latest version of the software to enjoy all the added benefits of HD uploads.

In the latest version, Facebook set HD video as the default format for uploads form mobile devices. If you haven’t updated or want to ensure your videos will upload in HD, you need to log in to your account and find the settings options.

Once in the settings menu, you will find the Video menu on the left. From there you will see the option for video quality. It should be on default. However, you can select the drop-down menu and choose from default, SD (standard definition) only, or HD if available.

If you change your settings be sure to save before exiting the menus. You can also control the video quality playback while watching a video. There will be an HD icon in the bottom of the video playback, selecting this will switch between native resolution and standard definition.

Once your settings are secure and your video is recorded you can upload your HD video to Facebook in a couple of different ways. The first is to upload it directly to your wall. To do this, you will need to begin a new status update message and choose the “attach photo/video” option form the menu below the status box.

If you are on the computer, a file directory will appear where you can browse to where your video is saved. Clicking the video and then the open (or okay) button will automatically begin the uploading process. Once complete, the HD upload will appear on your wall and in your friend’s news feeds.

The other option is to browse to your photo album sections, click on the videos album and select add video. The same method as before will repeat. Browse the file directory, select the video and being upload. This option will give you a few more details you can add, such as location, message, video quality, changing the date or time, etc.

When you upload to the wall, the video will also be stored I the video album by default. If you happen to delete the video fro the album, the post on the wall will also be deleted.

Uploading With a Mobile Device

If you are taking video on your mobile device and have the Facebook app installed, you can also upload through there. Signing in to Facebook through the app and then following the same procedures as outlined above will work.

The main difference here is that you won’t have a file directory to browse through, as your phone should default to your photo albums or video albums where you can select the one you wish to upload.

Uploading through the cell phone will also send you a push alert when the upload is complete. Once done you will have the option to tag or add comments to the HD upload video.

Other Services

There are many other HD video services for uploading, storing or watching the video. The most popular is YouTube where you can create an account and upload, manage and edit videos. You can create a channel where all of your videos will be stored, add tags to allow your video to be found while searching keywords and you can also add links and images for the viewers to interact with your channel more.

Vimeo is another service that works the same as YouTube. While it isn’t as large, it is gaining in popularity. Once thing Vimeo offers that YouTube doesn’t is video security. You can upload your HD video to Vimeo and link to it from another website. Doing this will enable encryption and help prevent your video from being downloaded or stolen.

Vine is another popular option. Vine uses video in a different way, and instead of being full-length videos or clips, Vine only allows for videos to be six seconds or shorter. This service is popular with many generations and is easily one of the fastest growing video services available.

Storage of HD Upload Videos

You can save your videos to a cloud or online storage service. While the videos themselves may not be viewable as they are with YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, you can supply links to the stored video where others can download the video to use or watch on their own device.

DrobBox is one of the most popular video storage services. You can add multiple people to your account and everyone can have access to any video (or another file) stored there. This is used a lot by large corporations that wish to share a video without taking up the resources of the local servers.

Uploading and downloading will require bandwidth and time. Using a storage service like Dropbox, you can control who is allowed access and when helping to spread out the demand on bandwidth.

In Conclusion

HD video is more and more popular as people are gaining the opportunity to use devices that have HD capabilities. We no longer need to rely on expensive or bulky studio style equipment. HD video can be recorded from the palm of our hands with cell phones and tablets or with digital cameras.

HD video upload has become as simple as sending an email and with certain additional apps, you can even enhance the video to include other items, text or images. You also have the option to allow others to watch your video as you record with streaming services. Even Facebook has instituted Facebook Live Video that will allow you to stream live video at any time.

Uploading HD video to Facebook or another service such as YouTube can be accomplished in a few different ways depending on your set up. You can directly upload video from your mobile device or through your computer.

With HD video readily available, viewing videos are now easier and more enjoyable than ever.

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