Picking the Top 8 Marvel Movies

It might seem easy to choose your favorite Marvel movies, and to be fair, there are certain movies that wouldn’t come close to our picks – looking at your Thor: The Dark World – but the reality is different.

Sifting through the 20 films released since 2008 is tough, but enjoyable, work.

However, once you get rid of the few bad eggs, what’s left are genuinely entertaining movies. Furthermore, some of those same movies are among the great films in general, not just among the other comic book movies.

Without any more time wasted, let’s check into our picks for best Marvel films to see the big screen.

Our Marvel Movies Top 8 Picks

1. Black Panther – The Number One Pick

In today’s era, a film that transcends the superhero genre and presents a film that anyone can connect with, it must be the number one pick.

Black Panther is unique in the MCU as it’s truly the only film that speaks to our world today. It’s a bold decision, but one that has paid off literally, big time. Featuring a predominantly African-American cast and story, it is one that portrays a power struggle and family issues.

Plus, the film is fun, visually striking, and was a nice change of pace for Marvel Movies. The soundtrack is also a killer, especially if you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar.

Black Panther

Image from imdb

2. Avengers: Infinity War – The Penultimate Choice

Between 2015 until now, there have been 10 Marvel films released, all of them leading up to the biggest crossover movie events in the history, let alone within the fictional MCU.

Expectations were sky-high, and fans and casual viewers alike were ready to see the fate of characters they had grown to love.

Infinity War packed so much into its two-and-a-half-hour running time, but what you get is one of the greatest comic book movies we’ve ever seen. There’s humor, great action, heartfelt and gripping moments, and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars on display.

Sure, there are still flaws as an overall film, but the people who are overseeing the MCU know what they’re doing, and it showed with the Infinity War release.

Keep them coming, Marvel.

Avengers Infinity War

Image from imdb

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Best Origin Story

Even though the first comic book hero to receive a good screen adaptation, the newest origin story featuring everyone’s friendly, neighborhood hero is among the best Marvel movies you’ll see.

Sure, we can agree that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy should go down in history as a catalyst for what we have today in our comic book movies. But that doesn’t change the fact that Homecoming proves to bring a true Spider-Man story alive for the first time.

For starters, the actor that portrays Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the MCU films was only 21 when Homecoming was released. For perspective, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the last two web-slingers, were 26 and 29 when their films came out.

Thus, we finally have a realistic portrayal of a smart kid living in run-down New York who develops web devices.

It was bold, original, and funny, all while providing the best backstory for Peter Parker we’ve seen.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Image from imdb

4. Iron Man – The First Marvel Movie

Without Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Tony Stark back in 2008, and a successful one at that, who knows where the comic book movie genre would be.

Thankfully, we don’t have to think about that prospect.

The original Iron Man set the tone and style of what we’d come to expect from Marvel movies for years to come, all while providing a fun piece of filmmaking. Tony Stark’s character is the easiest to eat up in entertainment form, as the billionaire mogul is fascinating as he is crazy.

Iron Man still holds up today, before the times of insane CGI usage or shoddy acting. Plus, it opened the door to big-name actors being involved in superhero films.

If you haven’t watched Iron Man, do yourself a favor and check it out. You’ll be happy you did.

Iron Man – The First Marvel Movie

Image from imdb

5. The Avengers – The Ultimate Superhero Team-up Flick

Few questioned Marvel’s bold strategy of comprising a whole universe based on comic book characters could succeed, but just how it would succeed was a mystery. When The Avengers released in 2012, audiences caught a glimpse of Marvel’s grand plan and saw that it was working.

At this point, there were household actors portraying heroes, and the thought of them all finally coming together and forming the Avengers was tantalizing, to say the least. Would Marvel’s investment finally pay off?

Well, it worked out, and the team came together with a bang.

This film proved that thought-out, entertaining films could be made based on comic books, even those that featured nine heroes.

The Avengers – The Ultimate Superhero Team-up Flick

Image from imdb

6. Guardians of the Galaxy – Best Standalone Group Film

If you want sweet tunes, awesome characters, witty humor, and a surprisingly thought-out story, look no further than Guardians of the Galaxy.

This was an interesting movie when it was released, as most people weren’t familiar with the group of aliens and one human. But now, they’re all their own household names. The best part about Guardians of the Galaxy is its standalone nature, all while still bridging the gap between stories.

On the one hand, it’s in its own world, yet on the other, part of the connected MCU. It strikes a great balance and has some of the best one-liners we’ve seen from the writers inside Marvel Studios.

Plus, it has a talking tree. I am Groot!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Best Standalone Group Film

Image from imdb

7. Thor: Ragnarok – Finally, a Good Thor Film

After two paltry Thor movies, the third installment featuring the Asgardian is his best to date.

Building off the formula of a good script, exciting action, and pitting unexpected characters together, Ragnarok offers another film that has its own feel.

It’s a superhero movie on steroids, with the neon-infused colorways, crazy God-based stories, zombie armies, and huge monsters to fight. Essentially, the writers decided to throw everything and anything Thor’s way. This is what the Thor franchise could’ve been, and the producers finally realized that.

Guess what? It worked.

Thor Ragnarok – Finally, a Good Thor Film

Image from imdb

8. Captain America: Civil War – When Heroes Fight Heroes

An entry where superheroes fight other superheroes?

Sign us up.

Among the pivotal moments in the MCU, up to that point, Avengers disbanding and taking sides to stay free or become government property was a climatic entry in the series. Of course, this was also a Captain America movie, and thankfully, the writers found a way to keep Steve Rogers at the forefront.

There are great set pieces at play here, and the directors make allow every hero enough time to be seen. It was a little heavy on the CGI, but still a great entry in the MCU.

Captain America Civil War – When Heroes Fight Heroes

Image from imdb

Next in the list

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Dark Film We Needed

While all superhero and comic book movies deal with certain themes, The Winter Soldier took dark, thoughtful thematic elements into an enjoyable adventure movie that deals with big conflicts.

Featuring thoughts about how we use soldiers, their roles, and emotional battles between friends, it’s a hard contrast to the lighter themes of films past. The team highlighted in this entry are less known than your standard Avenger-forward superheroes, including Black Widow, Falcon, Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes, and even S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

The movie takes the characters on a journey that poses dangerous, although interesting, questions to ask, and seeing how the heroes respond is solid filmmaking.

Honestly, the only downfall to Winter Soldier is the ending, otherwise, it could be higher on our list of Marvel movies.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Image from imdb

Marvel Has Something Special in Their Movies

In case you’ve missed it, Marvel is creating, and finishing, something no one has seen within the movie industry previously.

The fact that they can script out 20+ movies over the course of a decade and create a universe unto its own is a testament to the team behind-the-scenes.

While not all their efforts are great endeavors, most of them are the amusing cinema and striking blockbusters that feature great characters on the big screen. If you’ve missed any of the previous entries, feel free to catch up before the next release, Captain Marvel, along with the final chapter in the MCU, Avengers 4, both scheduled to hit theaters in 2019.

So, sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn.

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